Jan 28, 2011: TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION on 2 Plus Music’s roster!!

2 Plus Music & Entertainment, in association with Brad White of Creative Entertainment Unlimited, is proud to sign to its management roster

Upon first glance of the Texas Hippie Coalition, one may come to the conclusion that they are an intimidating group that lives up to the cliché of their nickname “band of outlaws.” However, looking a little closer at lead vocalist Big Dad Ritch, bassist John Exall, guitarists Randy Cooper and Wes Wallace, and drummer Ryan Bennett; it’s hard to ignore that they are indeed much more than meets the eye. They are a loyal and talented “band of brothers” who consider themselves just as much family as they are band mates.
“We’re as southern as southern can be,” says ‘Big Dad’ Ritch, the behemoth frontman and centrifugal force behind Texas Hippie Coalition. “Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, ZZ Top, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson – we’re as outlaw as we can get, while at the same time having the power of that Texas groove, like Pantera. We’re metal with a southern rock and roll spirit. We are a band of outlaws.”


Big Dad Ritch – vocals
Randy Cooper – lead guitar
Wes Wallace – rhythm guitar
John Exall – bass guitar
Ryan “The Kid” Bennett – Drums

Official websites:

Record label: Carved Recoprds

Co-management: Brad White at Creative Entertainment Unlimited

Texas Hippie Coalition on tour:

Jan 27 – Kerkrade, Netherlands (The Rock Temple)
Jan 28 – Zwolle, Netherlands (Hedon)
Jan 29 – Erp, Netherlands (Monsters of Mariaheide)
Jan 30 – Breda, Netherlands (Metz)
Jan 31 – Antwerp, Belgium (Trix Bar)
Mar 4 – Davis, OK, USA (Arbuckle Ballroom)
Mar 12 – Oklahoma City, OK, USA (Bricktown Live)
Mar 24 – Des Moines, IA, USA (House of Bricks)
Mar 25 – Janesville, WI, USA (The Back Bar)
Apr 17 – São Paulo, Brazil (Virada Cultural Open Air Festival)
Apr 22 – Fort Smith, AR, USA (Neumeier’s Rib Room and Beer Garden)
Apr 23 – Fort Worth, TX, USA (The Rail Club)
Apr 30 – Somerville, TX, USA (Hawgs of Texas Bike Rally 2011)