Former Gentle Giant lead vocalist DEREK SHULMAN and guitarist GARY GREEN made a very rare appearance in support of new digital and physical re-masters of OCTOPUS and THREE FRIENDS at FYE Music, 100 South Broad Street in Philadelphia, on Saturday, October 1.
Publicity Contact: Anne Leighton
Ph: 718-881-8183
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VIRADA CULTURAL FESTIVAL (April 16 & 17, 2011, São Paulo, Brazil)

Derek Shulman and Leonardo Pavkovic are heading to São Paulo, Brazil, in middle of April for a big cultural festival happening on over 25 stages all over the central São Paulo, few million people are expected to attend the festival. 2 PLUS is represented by the new metal sensation TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION (co-managed by 2 Plus & Brad White of CEUC, Inc.), scheduled to perform on the main rock stage (Palco Júlio Prestes) for the audience of over 150,000 people on April 17 at 6am, and by the legendary jazz-rock pioneer and one of the greatest Hammond organ players of all time, BRIAN AUGER and his band OBLIVION EXPRESS, to perform on the jazz stage (Palco Líbero Bádaro) on April 16 at  11 pm (booked in Brazil by 2 Plus).

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ROCKSTONE MUSIC AWARD (May 11, 2011, Bogotá, Colombia)

Derek Shulman and Leonardo Pavkovic, and CIRCA: (2 Plus Music’s exclusive artist) and TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION (co-managed with CEUC, Inc.) to appear at the ROCKSTONE MUSIC AWARD ceremony in Bogotá, Colombia, on May 11, 2011.