2 PLUS Music & Entertainment is an established music and entertainment company set up by music business luminary Derek Shulman and music business impresario Leonardo Pavkovic.

The goal and mission of the company is to generate streams of revenue in all music and entertainment related fields. The company acts as an “Umbrella”, wherein all forms of music and entertainment are overseen and handled under the 2 PLUS roof. The principles vast knowledge and experience in their respective fields of the entertainment business will secure success for all in the music and entertainment business.

2 PLUS Music & Entertainment oversees the recorded music rights, independent recording companies, artist management, touring, merchandise, publishing, fan clubs and websites. As the major record industry declines in its ability to create sales and revenues for the artists, 2 PLUS utilizes its expertise in this world and work with music artists from ‘the soup to nuts perspective’. 2 PLUS has a team of experienced professionals who handle publicity, marketing, sales and promotion for independent recording companies and or individual artists. Artists signed and or partnered with 2 PLUS should have a potential touring base on an international level. The principles experience in booking artists in Europe, Japan and North America but even more specifically in emerging secondary and tertiary markets is self-evident. 2 PLUS has extensive knowledge of promoters, agents and venues all over the world. Artist development is essential for 2 PLUS.

Partners working with the company benefit from all the experience and knowledge of the principles to expand the fan base on a touring and recorded music level to reach the highest degrees of success. 2 PLUS can oversee and secure placement of artists in major or independent distribution for recorded music or will find the right home for artists it partners with, based on individual cases. The company oversees artist’s web presence and respective online stores. 2 PLUS acts as much more than a management company for the artists. They will partner and work with the artist on a “hands on” basis to plan every step in bringing maximum success in all spheres of a working band.

2 PLUS represents promoters, and in some cases agents, in countries in emerging markets. In many cases major promoters and agents have little understanding of the ‘cultural difference’ of doing business outside of the European and North American markets. 2 PLUS, with its knowledge and experience in promoting shows in these territories facilitates this ‘divide’ for both these promoters and agents.

The company consults with music related talent, promoters, agents and record companies on a worldwide basis to not only book shows but to facilitate any and every other issue that may be problematic for the respective parties.

Derek Shulman and Leonardo Pavkovic provide decades of knowledge and success in the music and entertainment world. The implementation of their knowledge and experience will help everyone maximize success for all concerned in the musical arena.


2 PLUS Music & Entertainment will work together with outside clients in all music and entertainment related fields to facilitate any and every practical need within the realm of the entertainment business.

The worldwide contacts, expertise and affiliations that the principals of the company have established over the many years will be utilized to direct our associates to build bridges and make connections worldwide. The company understands and comprehends the cultural differences in doing business in various parts of the world. The principal’s ability to communicate in at least six languages (Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Serbo-Croatian) makes it uniquely suited to help clients reach their collective goals worldwide.

2 PLUS has expertise in many forms of the entertainment world. In the music world 2PLUS has relationships with all major and independent music and record companies. It has associations with all major music business attorneys, music publishers, promoters and artist management companies. 2 PLUS also has strong associations with television and radio broadcasters both in North America and the rest of the world.

The entertainment business of 2 PLUS is not restricted to music. Sports events, corporate conferences and any other entertainment related field would be handled by 2 PLUS according to the client’s needs.

2 PLUS will connect entertainment related companies with seamless ease and will administer, organize and oversee all entertainment related businesses.

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