Renowned music industry veteran Derek Shulman has achieved success sitting on both sides of the desk. Born in the United Kingdom, his introduction to the music business was as lead vocalist with sixties pop sensation Simon Dupree And The Big Sound. Signed to the Beatles’ label Parlaphone, the group enjoyed TV appearances, Top 20 singles and toured Europe extensively. They even secured a talented keyboard player by the name of Reginald Dwight (Elton John) towards the latter part of their lifespan. In 1970 they changed their name to Gentle Giant going on to even bigger acclaim, recording a succession of best-selling record albums and touring the world as a major headlining attraction.

Relocating to the USA on the group’s dissolution, Derek Shulman accepted a position in 1982 with Polygram Music as Director of Promotion and Artist Development. Promoted in 1983 to Director Of A&R (Artist and Repertoire) Mr. Shulman’s first musical signing to the company was New Jersey rock group Bon Jovi, an act that would eventually sell in excess of 100 million records and generate more than one billion dollars in revenue for Polygram Music. Rising to Sr. VP A&R, Mr. Shulman continued to achieve impressive results signing and developing a succession of musical artists including Cinderella (35 million units), Tears For Fears (35 million), Kingdom Come (12 million), Men Without Hats (5 million) and Dexy’s Midnight Runners (5 million).

Approached in 1988 by Warner Communications CEO Mr. Steve Ross, Mr. Shulman was offered and accepted a joint venture record label, operating under the Warner Music Division, becoming president and CEO of Atco Records. Assembling one of the industry’s finest pools of executive talent, Atco Records achieved profitability in year two, with revenues going from a virtual start-up to a $60 million company by the end of the second year. Going from strength to strength the company developed a succession of platinum and multi-platinum records from artists as diverse as AC/DC, The Rembrandts, Sweet Sensation, Pantera, Jive Bunny, Bad Company and Michell’e. Mr Shulman also started a music publishing division “Octa Publishing” signing artists like Pantera and the Rembrandts to its roster. Within 5 years it had become a $100 million-plus company.

In 1994 Mr. Shulman moved to the position of President/CEO for a new Time-Warner joint venture, Collision Arts Co. where he recorded and filmed the 20th Anniversary of New York’s CBGB’s club, the influential punk music venue.

In 1997, he became the first president and CEO of Dutch owned independent record company Roadrunner Records. During Mr. Shulman’s tenure, Roadrunner’s revenues rose from $20 Million to $50 Million within two years. Under his guidance, the company achieved its first multi-million selling record albums (Nickelback, Slipknot) and a string of gold awards by artists including Coal Chamber, Fear Factory and a highly acclaimed compilation in conjunction with MTV titled MTV’s Return of The Rock. The Warner Music Group ultimately bought 75% of the company for more than $80 million immediately after Mr. Shulman moved to his new situation.

In January 2006, Mr. Shulman became President and CEO of DRT Entertainment. With an emphasis on established and emerging rock artists. DRT’s artist roster includes Clutch (who in 2006 achieved the highest Billboard Top 200 debut of the group’s career), Powerman 5000, Blindside, Soil, Street Dogs and GWAR as well as developing acts Scotch Greens, Lynam and Artimus Pyledriver.

In March of 2010 Derek Shulman established a new venture with international music impresario Leonardo Pavkovic called 2 PLUS MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT, INC. The company’s mission is to utilize the principles experience in all forms of the entertainment, recorded and live music business to maximize the many streams of revenues for artists, promoters, agents and managers globally.

As both a one-time artist and a celebrated executive, Mr. Derek Shulman has brought a unique outlook to his work in the music and entertainment industry.


Internationally renowned music impresario Leonardo Pavkovic has become legendary worldwide for his music management, worldwide booking and promotion abilities in the circuits of progressive rock, fusion and jazz. Born in Bosnia in former Yugoslavia in 1962, he was raised in southern Italy and is fluent in five languages. He studied Portuguese and Brazilian literature at the University of Bari in Italy and Afro-Portuguese History & Literature at the University of Luanda, Angola (Africa), and had two volumes of his own poetry published. Between 1984 and 1990 he translated volumes of artistic, literary and scientific work from/to Italian, Serbo-Croatian and Portuguese.

He moved to New York City in 1990 and in 1991 joined renowned Brazilian graphic artist and photographer Fernando Natalaci in the legendary downtown Manhattan graphic design company Studio T (established in the mid ’70s) with large international corporate clientele, as well as music-based clients in New York City, becoming partner and vice-president of the company betwen 1997-2004. Studio T’s music-based clientele included concert promoters and venues such as Ron Delsener Enterprise, Delsener/Slater Entertainment, John Scher Metropolitan, Chris Williamson’s Rock Hotel, Africa Swings, CBGB, Tramps, Village Vanguard, Fat Tuesday’s, Irving Plaza, Warszaw, Cat Club, Zanzibar, Area, Mad Club, Studio 54, Danceteria, Club Expo; record companies such as Dreyfus, Stern’s Africa, Big World, The Knitting Factory Records, Blue Note, Intuition; music companies such as: American Music Project, The Richmond Organization (TRO), Verna Gillis’ Soundscape, Jim Eigo’s Jazz Promo Services; and many more.

As a musicophile and record collector, Leonardo has befriended some of his favorite musicians, becoming by default, road and tour manager and subsequently manager for artists such as Soft Machine (Legacy), Allan Holdsworth, and others. These artists looked to him for guidance and empathy as someone who could understand and love the music they played while taking care of the business side of their career.

In 2000 he established MoonJune Management and Booking to take care of the needs of these musicians. Since establishing this company he has booked countless number of shows for nearly fifty artists. These include full tours, festivals, clinics, workshops, and individual performances. His international background has been a key ingredient in his ability to specialize in promoting and booking artists in 35 countries worldwide, with an emphasis on Japan, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, and solid activity in Europe. Besides Soft Machine (Legacy) and Allan Holdsworth, Leonardo Pavkovic works with artists such as the Bozzio/Holdsworth/Levin/Mastelotto Band, Terry Bozzio, Richie Kotzen, Down, Bernie Marsden, Jan Akkerman, PFM, Chad Wackerman, New Trolls, Copernicus, and others; he has also worked with artists such as Eddie Jobson, Andy Summers, Bill Bruford, Jon Hiseman’s Colosseum, Curved Air, Hatfield & the North, Gary Boyle, Ken Hensley, Banco, Arti & Mestieri, Osanna, Living Colour, Osibisa, and with two of his dearest friends among musicians, late UK jazz legends Elton Dean and Hugh Hopper.

His love of ‘avant-garde’ and ‘progressive’ music and musicians led him to establish his own record company, MoonJune Records, in 2001. Besides releasing archival live recordings of Soft Machine and current albums of British jazz-fusion legends Soft Machine (Legacy), Allan Holdsworth, Phil Miller, Elton Dean and Hugh Hopper, Mr. Pavkovic’s label’s emphasis was on lesser-known but more creative jazz-rock, progressive rock, and experimental musicians. He provided these artists with an international outlet for their recordings, giving them access to a wider audience, such as simakDialog, Agam Hamzah and Tohpati Ethnomission (Indonesia), The Wrong Object (Belgium), Boris Savoldelli and D.F.A. (Italy), Doubt (UK/Belgium), Moraine and Iron Kim Style (USA).

Leonardo, a cosmopolitan world traveller who has visited over 70 countries worldwide, is well known as being relentless and tireless in his mission to spread the word about good music and good musicians throughout the world. His energy and good humor have endeared him to everyone associated with him. His experience in the international arena, specially in secondary and tertiary markets, and fluency in five languages have given him a perspective that is truly international and far-reaching.

In March of 2011 Leonardo Pavkovic has joined Derek Shulman in a new venture called 2 PLUS MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT, INC.


Lawrence (Larry) Offsey is an internationally respected and renowned and financial expert dealing with all aspects of the music and financial world. Having secured his MBA in finance and certified public accounting at St. Johns University, New York, he joined Peat-Marwick in 1973 as a senior auditor. In 1976 he became manager at Amax Incorporated. In 1979 he decided to utilize his knowledge and experience in the music world and became Assistant Controller at PolyGram Direct Marketing. In 1981 Larry was elevated to Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer for PolyGram Classics and Jazz divisions. It was there where he partnered with divisions head and rejuvenated the dormant Verve label to build a division worth more than $120 million. In 1994 he became PolyGram Corporate Controller. Managing a staff of 130 individuals in three locations he oversaw and controlled the balance sheet of more than $2 Billion. He designed shared service environment, restructured the corporate purchasing function and consolidated and computerized advertising and media placement for the whole company.

At the same time he was always cognizant that the real assets for the company was the music and the artists integrity. In 2001 Larry Offsey became Chief Financial Officer of Koch Entertainment LLC. With sales of $250 Million, he led the financial organization of all three operational divisions and oversaw finance, information technologies, production, Internet sales and royalties. In 2003, having restructured the company into a public offering, he went into practice for himself.

He is now consulting many music and non-music related companies like Time-Warner, Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, Palm Pictures, Base Entertainment and many others. His financial participation in divesting business segments is valued at more than $4 billion. He is a Certified Public Accountant in New York State and is involved with many other accounting associations. He is also an Adjunct Associate Professor at Long Island University.

In May 2010 Larry agreed to join former PolyGram alumni Derek Shulman, and Leonardo Pavkovic, to become Chief Financial Officer of 2 PLUS MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT, INC. Together they intend to build 2 PLUS into a company with new strategic multi-platform revenue streams in all areas of music related businesses.

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