Sep 10, 2011: SEBASTIAN BACH – “Kicking & Screaming” on Frontiers Records USA

SEBASTIAN BACH – “Kicking & Screaming”
on Frontiers Records USA
(album out on September 27, 2011)

In early 2011, Sebastian Bach signed a worldwide recording contract with the Italian-based label Frontiers Records (a rapidly rising star in the label world) and headed into the studio to record under the direction of Bob Marlette (Black Sabbath, Shinedown, Atreyu, Filter). The new album presents the debut of the talents of young virtuosic guitarist Nick Sterling and the drum pro Bobby Jarzombek (Halford, Riot, Iced Earth), alongside Bach’s inimitable, incomparable vocals. The result is a high-energy, hard rock album along the lines of `Skid Row’, `Slave To The Grind’, `Subhuman Race’ and `Angel Down’, but the songs, performances and sound quality are all heavy, interesting and completely rock `n’ roll. The “Kicking & Screaming” album cover, which was created by artist Richard Villa, reflects the lyrics as well as the brutality of the music. If you like rockin’ guitar riffs, high-energy songs and performances, deadly drums of doom, and ear-shattering screams, we got your rock `n roll fix right here!

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