2 PLUS Music & Entertainment has formed a partnership with Soulfood Entertainment in Germany.

Founded in 2002, Soulfood Music has developed to become one of Germany’s largest independent distributors. With more than 100 labels under on its books and a genre-transcending roster which includes a wide range of musical directions – from metal / rock through pop, urban, re-issue and jazz to world music -, Soulfood Music has become a major network in the German music landscape.
Alongside CD releases, the Hamburg-based company also offers distribution channels for music and film DVDs, Blu-rays and merchandise. Music has developed to their first venture together is the release of legendary guitarist José Feliciano’s “The King”. José indulges himself in a lifelong dream to honor his childhood hero Elvis Presley.
The CD release ‘“The King” visits some of Elvis’ greatest hits as well as some of Jose’s favorite songs.

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