Jun 1, 2011: WHITESNAKE – “Live In Donington 1990″ on Frontiers Records

WHITESNAKE – “Live In Donington 1990″
on Frontiers Records USA
(album out on June 7, 2011)

On August 18th, 1990 Whitesnake headlined at the premier UK festival, the legendary Monsters Of Rock at Castle Donington, now known as Download. The Monsters of Rock festival was one of the most memorable events on an unforgettable world tour that saw the band play to over one million people around the on the `Liquor & Poker World Tour’. An incendiary musical chapter of the band that featured Steve Vai & Adrian Vandenberg on guitars, bassist Rudy Sarzo, drummer Tommy Aldridge & singer David Coverdale; a high octane performance, firing on all cylinders…and Whitesnake in all its fiery musical splendour.

Every effort has been made to bring the very best out of what is an incredible, never before seen, visual treat capturing one of the most musically intense line-ups of Whitesnake performing in front of over 70,000 people. Mixed in glorious 5.1 & living, breathing stereo!

Whitesnake & Frontiers Records are proud to present the next best thing to actually being there. Now, over 20 years later, you can experience being in the middle of the crowd for the complete sensory experience. And even if you were actually there, you can now relive the event & let the memories of that time coming flooding back.

This is a raw, emotional, arse-kicking, head-banging show, that allows even the most discerning fan to relive the magic of that hot summer night over 20 years ago. The DVD also includes a substantial gallery of never before published photographs of the band on the `Liquor & Poker World Tour 1990′ plus an intimate `Behind The Scenes’ documentary of the creative journey of the `Slip Of The Tongue’ album, beginning with Adrian & David composing the songs, the band working on the arrangements in pre-production rehearsals at Lake Tahoe, the actual recording sessions in Reno & Los Angeles, behind the cameras at a video shoot and all the way to the end of the tour itself, culminating in the final show in Japan’s fabled Budokan in Tokyo plus all never before seen footage from David Coverdale’s private home video collection! A truly irresistible collection documenting an amazing show of one of the most blistering Whitesnake line-ups ever!

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